Monday, March 10, 2008


A few posts back I mentioned I was starting a new site.  Moving my blog to it's own URL wasn't it. 

The announcement is I will be launching a Poker Software and Hardware Review site at  You will notice that I used the word "will" when I mentioned that.  This site hasn't gotten far past the very initial planning stages at this time.  I will however be chronicling everything having to do with the planning, implementation, and launch of the site at the PokerTechReviews Blog.  I encourage everyone to check this blog out as I will be looking for feedback from all of you.  After all, the site will be catered to you when it launches.

I also ask that anyone who reads this also mention it in your own blog.  I'm looking for a bit of a viral ground swell as I hope to solicit some very specific help over the next few days.  The first post is already up and I'll be writing a few more in rapid succession.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help in spreading the word.

P.S. Don't forget this site has moved, so update your feeds and bookmarks.