Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is 2 My Lucky Number?

After my second place finish last night in the PSO freeroll I have followed it up with another 2nd.

I sat down for the DADI 5: DADI does Vegas tournament which sends one lucky blogger to a $1500 WSOP event of their choice. I missed the first 6 hands due to arriving home late for work but I was rarin' to go. At the half way mark I took the chip lead and didn't look back till we were down to 5 players. TonySopran0, who had been going on a bit of a rush, was seated to my immediate right and he got all in from the small blind with 77 vs. my Ad9d. I wouldn't improve and he took the lead. He then ran that into a massive lead as he eliminated the remaining players leaving us heads up. His chip stack stood at 195,347 to my paltry 38,653.

I did manage to build up to 45,000 but this was going to be an extremely hard hill to climb. TonySopan0 offered me $400 to give up and let him have the seat. Since I didn't figure my odds were good against that stack, and I'm not 100% sure I'd be able to afford to get myself to Vegas even if I did win, I took the deal. Combined with the $100 that paid for 2nd I netted $500 dollars out of the deal.

I'm happy with the outcome and I hope that no one else from the tourney is upset that I gave in. I do have to say though that it was a little disconcerting when everyone at the final table seemed to have someone cheering for them but me. I am a hermit in the blogging community but maybe it's time for me to venture out into actual communication with others. In an effort to help me come out of my shell I'm going to announce my yahoo messenger ID. I hope some of you decide to send me a message every now and then. ID is lifesagrind and my email is lifesagrind at yahoo dot com.