Friday, February 10, 2006

Chinese Water Torture wasn't quite that bad, but I dare you to sit through three hours of an elementary school talent show and tell me that it's not torture.

I actually felt a little bad for some of the kids. A few of them froze on stage, motionless, microphone in hand. Staring out into the blackness of on overly loud and quite bored audience. Three minutes of background accompaniment playing over the speakers awaiting a voice to give it life.

An off key shrill voice mind you...yet a voice all the same.

It is amazing the tunnel vision that can be produced when you regard your own child. I'm sure every parent out there thought their own son or daughter was the most talented. It is a gift that we humans are blessed with. An undying love and appreciation for our offspring. And I tell you it's a damn good thing we possess that gift because I for one wish I had a big hook and a gong for every act, all three hours.