Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Change of Venue

Filed Under: Poker

What's that you say? A poker post, on this site?

I still play a lot of poker, I'm just not writing about it. So here's an update. I've decided to move my sit-n-go play back to PokerStars. This is not because I'm not doing well at Full Tilt. On the contrary things are going very well at Full Tilt.

You see I'm jonesing for an ipod. I already own a Dell DJ which is a hard drive based MP3 player, I just feel left out by not having an ipod and all the cool accessories that can go with it. I know, it's weird.

Since I already have a player, I cannot, in good conscience, spend the money on a new one. In an effort to get one for free. (as much as FPP points are free). I searched all of the FPP stores at the sites in which I have an account, and lo and behold, PokerStars offers that device for 16,000 FPP's.

I currently only have a little over 5,000 so this could take some time. I'm estimating I'll have to pay $2,200 in tournament fees to get there. Once you look at the figures it seems ridiculous to spend that much to get something that costs $150, but since I'm going to play anyway, I may as well have something to work for.