Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reversal Of Fortune

Apparently I needed to give up in order to start winning. After my whining session things did indeed turn around for me. I managed to turn a profit for the month so far at Full Tilt but haven't quite yet recovered the earlier loss from Check N Raise.

I've also discovered that limit poker is boring me. I was jonesing to get back to sit-n-go play so I went ahead and started playing them again. I'm going off my "rebuilding plan" but I really don't see the point in sticking to it if I'm not going to have fun. I'll still play the limit stuff, but only at work. Home will be for SNG's.

I'm having a little difficulty adjusting to the blind structure at Full Tilt. I'm so used to Poker Stars that my timing is off right now. I'm starting small (within my bankroll) and am only playing the $5 ones for now. With 10 played last night I was only able to manage one win and one second. That has me down $19 but I should be back in the swing of things shortly.