Friday, March 23, 2007

Stat Time

After todays session I've gone over 100 SNG's so it's time to reveal my status.

On the bankroll front I finally had to withdrawal $200 so after play today I have $286.85. It was basically like giving up my rakeback so that's not too bad. Sadly my reduced play is going to result in very little rakeback for this month.

Onto the numbers:
Ran: 111
ROI: 17.5%
ITM: 42.3%
Profit: $126.30

The ROI and ITM graph is looking good. The bad streak I had at the beginning is rather accentuated but I've made a nice comeback.

The finish distribution doesn't look to bad. My ninth place finishes were boosted a bit today as I saw a rather large number of 3 outers hitting. The graph for these turbo's is a bit different as compared to the ones from my outings at the "regular" SNG's. Previously I was seeing a bump in the 6th place finish position but now it's in the 4 spot. I'm also looking a little flat when I get to the money. It appears as though I could end up in any position once I hit the money.