Thursday, March 08, 2007



Words can't describe the depths to which I fell today. The reraises I saw with nothing but flush draws on the turn (which hit of course), the calling down with Ace high (which hit of course), gutshots, open enders, you name it, they chased it (and hit of course).

At this rate I'll be broke in two more days. Game over. Thanks for playing.

One turbo SNG played for a fourth place finish. 583 hands of shorthanded .5/1 played for -$105.45. My only profit was a $50 payment received for an ad.

Bankroll left: $229.41

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tighten up, or loosen up at these small shorthanded tables. The big winners I've tracked seem to be suckout artists at this point. Perhaps just SNG play and some forum research on these shorthanded tables will be in order for tomorrow.