Thursday, August 03, 2006

Half As Goals: August Edition

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The last month was a bizarre one for me. I've had two negative months this year and July was one of them. Overall I feel I recovered from the early losses and was playing well toward the end of the month, so I don't feel bad about it. Let's see how the goals were last month and look onward to this month.

Half As Goal #1:
July: Win a multi-table tournament - "Survey says!"...X A combination of bad play and bad luck resulted in my worst month in tournament play to date. These losses attributed to my overall down month in bankroll as well.

August: I don't think I'm going to keep shooting for a win month after month. I don't think listing it as a goal has hurt my mindset any, but I'm shifting focus to satellite play right now. For the first half of the month I want to satellite into the NLHE, NLHE 6-max, and the main event of the Full Tilt Online Series of Poker.

Half As Goal #2:
July: Satellite my way into one of the big Sunday tournaments going on at one of the major sites - This I accomplished on my first try. I won my way into a PokerStars Sunday Million tournament through a $3 rebuy satellite. Didn't do squat in the actual tournament though.

August: Continue playing satellites at PokerStars but now for the WCOOP. I want to qualify for the Razz, $530 No Limit, $215 HORSE, and the Main Event.

Half As Goal #3:
July: 65 table hours at NL games - Only managed to play 46.88 table hours last month. The first 18 hours were spent losing 5 buy-ins at the $100 NL and the rest were spent recovering that loss at the $50 tables. I ended the month virtually even and I'll move back up to the $100 NL Probably next week.

August: I'm going to stay moderate and shoot for 50 table hours this month at the NL games. The kids start back to school in the middle of the month and my oldest goes back to Germany at the same time. After that my play should be able to increase but I don't want to put any pressure on myself to play more for now.