Thursday, July 27, 2006

Life After

Filed Under: Miscellaneous

Dang it's been an entire week since I last posted. Haven't really been playing much poker so I guess there hasn't been much reason to post either. Between Baseball, Football, and Soccer the kids have us running pretty ragged right now. Baseball ended last night for my middle boy. They won their division this season and went out last night in the single elimination playoffs. They were one game away from the finals so that was a little disappointing.

The blogroll has finally been merged with my bloglines feeds so it will stay constantly updated with whatever blogs I'm subscribed to. It's a nice feature and I should have done that a long time ago.

With the loss of the Eurobet rakeback deal I've been playing on UltimateBet to clear an old and rather large bonus I had built up. I'm still running good in the cash games so I'm debating between staying and clearing the bonus, or signing up for the new rakeback deal that has offered at PokesPoker. I've never heard of this site but it's an OnGame skin so I'd be back on the same network that Eurobet was on. I liked the play there so I'm torn.

Were planning a weekend trip to the Cosmosphere so there probably won't be too much poker in the near future. I'd like to say I'm missing it... but that's just not the case right now.