Friday, May 20, 2005

Wrong Time, Wrong Place

It will be interesting to see if I still have a job over the next few days. I managed to get into an argument with one of our customers today and I told him to stop being a dick. I work in a unique industry where my office is located on site with our contract customers. I've done the job for 15 years and have never lost my cool like this before. The contracts are more important than the employees so I could be out if the situation escalates.

If I was jobless could I supplement my income playing poker? I don't think so. I'm still to impatient at times and that costs me. Everytime I want to win I usually end up losing because of the pressure I put on myself. If I don't care, I win. Since my bankroll could support my family for a month I would have to look real hard at just cashing out. I suppose I might give it a shot for a week or two but if I didn't have instant results I'd have to do the sensible thing.

My impatience is helping though in my new endeavor to learn short handed play. I have $1600 in bonuses spread out among 4 sites that still needs to be cleared. I'll end up losing most of that if I don't start clearing it quickly. In an effort to do so I've taken up the 1/2 6 max tables. The bonus money is clearing at a quick rate everywhere. That is everywhere but Full Tilt. The only 6 max tables they have are at 2/4 and higher, I'm just not comfortable enough to play that level yet shorthanded. The $540 still pending at that site disappears the first week of June. It's all but hopeless to work on it since it clears so slowly compared to the other sites.

Anyway I may have to shut down operations if the worst occurs. Wish me luck.