Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tournament Progress

First off if you saw me in the LasVegaVegas Noble Poker freeroll last night, that wasn't me. I wasn't able to get home in time so my wife played for me and busted out in the first half hour. I didn't check the hand histories but I know she called an all-in on the turn with only A high. She's still learning.

Thought I'd throw an update out as to how the increased volume of multi-table tournament play is going. Since posting about taking a renewed interest in these I've played it 24 events. In an effort to make my tournament play self sustainable I have split off a small portion of my bankroll and made it an exclusive tournament bankroll. The higher it builds the higher the buy-ins I will consider playing. If it drops to zero then I will still play just not with the regularity I do now.

My buy ins have been:
Freerolls = 4 no money finishes
$5.50 = 8 w/ 2 money + 1 final table - I'm liking the UltimateBet $3,000 guarantee that they run nightly
$11 = 2 w/ 1 money finish
$11 w/ rebuys = 1 no money finish
$22 = 4 w/ 1 money finish
$33 = 4 w/ 1 final table
$44 = 1 no money finish

That's $381 invested in buy ins and winnings of $706.78. A nice little profit of $325.78 and so far so good. I went a little crazy on the rebuy tournament and that cut into the profits. I also included the WPBT WSOP tourneys and they were not of the normal payout structure.

I might try a $100 buy in event here soon and see if the competition is any different. With the Online Series of Poker getting ready to start up, I'd like to take my shot. I'm stuck working nights all this week so I don't know if I'll get any play in. Tonight is the WPBT event an I'll be playing from work so I'm sure I won't do too well. I just want to get off the bottom of the rankings.