Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No Play...No Post

I haven't played a hand of poker since before Christmas. Haven't missed it either.

I didn't set any 2007 goals so I'm not going to bother setting any 2008 ones either.

As far as a year in review, well... 2007 was my worst full year of poker. If it wasn't for my SNG play during the third quarter of the year I would have lost money. As it stands I barely finished in the black. The missing link this past year was a lack of tournament wins. Tournaments have accounted for over 90% of my profits in the past but this year I finished down $83. I simply didn't have the time needed to spend in front of the PC. I played less than half the number of tournaments that I played in 2006. I also spent $5,000 less in buyins.

Morale of the story... play more tournaments in 2008.