Monday, December 17, 2007

Understanding Disappointment

The plan was to end my two month tournament sabbatical with the three big blogger tournaments last night. The Big Game, The Skill Game, and ThePokerGrinder. Alas due to familial obligations I only arrived back home in time for the last one on the list.

Much has been said, and many bloggers have bitched, about the quality of play in blogger tournaments. As of last night I have come to the following conclusions about poker bloggers. Just because you write about poker, doesn't mean you know how to play poker. At least not play poker well.

This is in reality no different than playing in any other tournament online. You have your good players, and you have your bad players. The problem lies in the expectation that poker bloggers should be, as a whole, skewed more toward the good player side.

The poker blogging community has within it, it's own microcosm of society. You have your elders followed by the middle agers and finally the children. Everyone must remember that these "children" play in the tournaments as well. Hopefully one day they will grow and learn but some, well some are just born with an extra chromosome. There is nothing you can do for them developmentally but be supportive of their endeavors.

These are the ones you often hear about, but not always. Everyone is capable of making that fatal mistake. Just try not to let it be you.