Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Streak Ends

After 13 months of straight Iron Man qualification at Full Tilt, I can no longer qualify this month. Having recently purchased The Orange Box I was engrossed in a game of Portal last night and completely spaced on playing poker. I had already taken to many days off from the tables and now I can no longer qualify for the month.

It's been a personal matter of pride for myself that I could keep the streak going so I'm a little disappointed right now. Fortunately when I make Iron Man status again next month I will be able to take in a pretty decent bonus. I will miss out on my increased bonus medal counts though which really sucks. I was wanting to collect some more to make a purchase from the Full Tilt store but now it will take a little longer.

At least I'm winning money at the tables this month (now that I've publicly stated that you can expect the obligatory "worst day ever at the tables" post)

I'll post and end of month recap and some numbers tomorrow.