Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tru Dat

Remember when shortly after Neteller shut out US players, PokerStars began the process of offering the Tru Card Prepaid Visa Card. They offered early signups for the card to select players and since Pokerstars wasn't supporting ePassporte yet I signed up and took one. I never did use the card and I'm not even sure Pokerstars ever officially utilized it as a deposit and withdrawal method. The card has sat in my desk drawer since the day I rec. it and then today this came via email.

Dear payTru Member:
Please be advised that you will not be receiving a replacement card for your current payTru card once it has expired. Please examine the expiration date on your payTru card and check your balance at Please plan the use of your card accordingly as it relates to point of sale purchases and ATM withdrawals. Remember that all transactions carry a nominal transaction fee which is deducted in real time, so please plan for this when performing your transaction(s).
Your card will not be accepted at merchants or ATM machines once it has expired.
This is not a result of your use of the card and does not effect your credit rating in any way. We will advise you in the future if there are changes to this policy.
Thank you for your membership patronage.
payTRu Card Services

Seems odd that they would just be canceling my account since I've never used it. Sounds more like they may be closing down for good.