Friday, April 06, 2007

Disconnect Blues

I've played several MTT's this week with little success. I haven't played any in a while so it took a little adjustment switching from the SNG mentality.

In the short term my journey back to the MTT realm has been negative EV. Last night marked my first cash of the week and I did it in true grinder fashion as the best hand I saw preflop was pocket nines. It took everything I had to not get impatient and blow away my chances. In the end I went out 74th in a field of 826 for a small cash.

The SNG's continue to treat me well but I've been bitten by the MTT bug. As much as I'd like to play some every night I'm going to stick to the Blogger tourneys for the most part. At least until my bankroll is to a more comfortable level.

bankroll: $351.77