Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another Bluff Tour Event

Last night the Bluff Tour invaded Full Tilt Poker. As was the case last time we played there, the turn out was good. With 223 players this puts it up as one of the largest fields we've had. I spent most of the tournament struggling to find a playable hand. Even with the bad cards I was able to finish in 13th spot earning me about another 55 points towards the championship. This has helped to pad my lead a little bit but Quackpot outlasted me finishing in 11th. This should provide him with enough points to overtake second place.

My play as a whole was completely unexciting. I managed a nice suckout when we were down to around 20 players but then I gave the chips back to the same player a few hands later. The thing that was different about this tournament was the player reactions to my presence. Other than an occasional "How ya doin", I rarely get noticed or chatted to during these things. Last night was the complete opposite. From the beginning I had a railbird offering me good luck and a few players voiced (chatted) their dismay to being placed at the same table as me. I found even a few were giving me a wide berth when getting involved in pots with me. It was nice for a change and I guess being the points leader does have it's privledges.

There is a dark side to all this. The well wishers of today may turn into the head hunters of tomorrow. The ego stroking felt good last night but I fear that with it comes a large bullseye painted on my back. With only 11 or 12 events left we are getting ready to head down the home stretch and I really don't want people taking shots at me just so they can say they busted me. Anything less than my "A" game from here on out may cost me my goal.

On a side note I have rec. the sketch of what my second Nutz Chip should look like. Hopefully I'll have it next week and I'll post it up here.