Friday, August 05, 2005


That describes how my tournament game has been lately. Over aggressive to begin with and then changing gears at the wrong time and playing into made hands. If I played any worse I'd bust out earlier...oh wait, I'm already busting out early. Operation Work On Tournament Play begins tonight in the $5,000 freeroll being hosted by The Gaming Club.

Pauly made mention of a Smoking Gun article in his latest entry that details the arrests of several "dancers". Having fully read the article I have to say the Florida police really need to realign their priorities. They busted girls on prostitution for merely fingering themselves and rubbing their naked crotches on guys pants. HELLO...when you frequent a strip club you are hoping for this kind of "entertainment". None of the police reports published mentioned the offering of actual sexual intercourse or oral stimulation. These girls were merely providing a "service" that the general male (and some female) public enjoys.

Pauly goes onto somewhat diss the girls looks. Now I haven't "frequented" an exotic dancing establishment in over 12 years and I haven't even seen the inside of one in over 8. This may skew my view of what's considered the norm nowadays but with the exception of the Lilith from Frasier lookalike and the bloody eyeball girl, I'd have to say I'd enjoy a dance from the others. Come on Pauly, don't be a hater.