Thursday, July 07, 2005

Suckout and Re-Suckout are Sitting on a Fence

Another Bluff Poker Tour Event has come and gone. Only 121 players this time and you had to make the final table to accumulate any points. I played a very good game right up until I busted out in 32nd.

The flops were bizarre last night as I saw many 4 flushes hit. Whenever multiple players were all-in pre-flop the board was nuts. The flop would give the worst hands a suckout, the turn would give another player a suckout, finally the river would make the third player the winner for a final suckout. It was really rather amazing to see.

In my final hand I held AQ of diamonds with a stack about 11x the big blind. I made a 3x preflop raise and a short stack on my left went all-in. I was expecting this play but when a very tight player to his left pushed all-in I figured I was behind. I've only seen him push with AA and AK so I gave him credit for either AK or KK in this instance. When it got back to me I didn't want to try nursing a short stack. With having to make the final 10 I decided to take the chance to just about triple up.

The first all in held KJ of clubs and the tight player indeed held AK. I liked the fact that they shared the K so when the flop came Q high I took a nice lead. The turn was a blank and I had visions of a final table appearance until one of the remaining two Kings hit the river sending me out. I usually don't get overly upset but the two outer on the river really pissed me off. I spent five minutes pacing around the room and cooling off before hitting the cash tables.

My cash game has shown great improvement since I've rededicate myself to the craft. This past week I've had solid winning sessions and last night would prove to be a very nice session as I more than doubled my buy-in. The suckouts would continue though throughout the night but the last one had me laughing.

I held pocket 6's in the small blind and a new player to my immediate right raised it up. He had only been sitting for three hands at the table and had raised two of them. Without a solid read I went with a loose maniac read and called. The two of us saw a flop come J high and the original raiser bet out. I couldn't put him on a hand so I decided to see what the turn was going to bring. The turn paired an 8 from the flop and I decided to try and take this pot away from him. I check raised representing the 8 and after thinking for a second he raised back at me. Since he hesitated I now put him on a Jack. I knew I was going to lose this hand unless I took it from him so I capped it. I expected him to make the call and then fold the river if a Jack didn't come. The river brought my third 6 and a full house. I knew I had the nuts and now I hoped he wasn't a smart player. I went ahead and followed through with my representation of the 8 and he called.

This guy went completely ballistic, the chat window was a constant stream of profanity and cutdowns as he couldn't believe I capped the turn with that crap. I almost fell out of my chair laughing as it felt so good to hit my own two-outer after the loss earlier. I wanted to ask him how he could call the raises with the board pairing the turn but I kept silent and let him place the donkey label on my note sheet.